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Film Review - Top Gun: Maverick

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Joke: How do you know if a pilot is in the room? He'll tell you.

As many of my friends are aware (I remind them often) I was a Captain and pilot in the Unites States Air Force. I flew the T-37, T-1, T-51 and mostly the C-17A Globemaster. What is less known is that the movie Top Gun inspired me to fly!

My appendix ruptured freshman year of college and I awoke the next morning in a hospital bed. Top Gun was on the television. As I watched Maverick blast down the road on his moto and then into the sky in an F-14 I thought, yeah that's what I want to do with my life.

The decision to transfer colleges and join USAF ROTC was not an easy, overnight call. I finished freshman year and pondered my options for the future. That is, until I saw Independence Day on the 4th of July midnight release. After the movie I hung out with a few friends by our favorite late night swimming hole. As I was looking up to the sky thinking about Will Smith laying a smackdown on an alien race I felt an overwhelming sense of connectivity to the universe. The next day I transferred schools and transitioned to a contracted cadet in ROTC. My life trajectory changed.

So, you came for my review of Top Gun: Maverick and got suckered into my backstory. The point is I have a personal connection to flying. I understand it's just a movie and we often suspend our disbelief but the flying in Top Gun is F*ing awesome. Silly at times, yes. But the overall flight sequences are insanely entertaining. The story structure is solid and there is so much attention given to character development that I really cared if Maverick and Goose's son would come together by the film's end. No spoilers, I truly enjoyed this one better than the original. See it.

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Angelo Ford, MBA | MFA

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