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Stay Alive! Card Game

Stay Alive! is based on military survival training and role-playing strategies. Our game offers entertaining bits of real world survival knowledge and engages players of all ages to learn survival skills. Explore our Stay Alive! Survival courses for more real world application.

Mastered the core gameplay in Stay Alive! or are just looking to add variety? We've got a line-up of expansion booster packs that add to and alter gameplay in various ways.

Check out the expansion packs...

Stay Alive! is a learning tool that teaching real world survival tactics and strategies that can be applied in both an urban and off-grid environment. We intigrated basic methodolgies into a game engine that encourages cooperation and demonstrates how competition in a surival enviornment can drive conflict.

Many of the playing cards in Stay Alive! include information on survival. Watercraft, Firecraft, Foodcraft, Sheltercraft, Navigation and First-Aid. Learning more about each of there could save your life in a survival situation. Read the cards and learn more about the topics that interest you. Plan, Prepare and Practice through Play!

Want to engage more? Check out our Stay Alive! Survival Courses...

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