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Audio Production Finals

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

The Summer 2022 session of my Audio Production course at Pasadena City College is coming to an end in two weeks. That means it is time to start working on our final productions.

Each student will chose a project format that they intend to screen in class on our last week of finals.

The project can be a podcast segment, radio show, movie scene, audio book, radio play or a production of their own choice. Some students have made DJ mixes and others have produced commercials.

The only pure requirements are that one music track is sampled, three sound effects are integrated along with one voice over in the mix. Students are welcome to use any DAW they wish, though Poo-Tools, Audition and audacity are available in our lab.

When grading the projects, I will be looking for a strong focus on structure. Students may choose any form of storytelling structure (Hero's Journey. Save the Cat. Dan Harmon's Story Circle) but there should at a very minimum be a beginning, middle and end... artistic placement is up to the artist.

Consideration should be given to developing a post-production workflow. I suggest the following as an example but each student should develop a flow that works for them.

  1. Logging (Bringing all the audio clips today and annotating)

  2. First Assembly

  3. Rough Cut

  4. First Cut

  5. Fine Cut

  6. Final Cut

The total run time should be between three and five minutes. +/- one minute us acceptable if the story warrants its (Example a short children's book or an intense dramatic scene.)

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