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Penguin Pilot - My First Publication

An air force pilot's (that's me) reflection of looking to the sky and wondering, what if?

"A young penguin dreams of flight despite constantly being told that penguins cannot fly. She befriends a group of eagles that inspire her to see beyond what is and focus her efforts on what can be. The pilot penguin wheels and soars and swings, high in the sky until a chance encounter draws her attention from the clouds and back to the earth."

The inspiration for this book came to me from a dream. I woke in the morning and wrote this short poem:

I think by day,

and even at night.

Invading my dreams,

these visions of flight.

The poem lingered with me for years until I saw a #TikTok video on how to write a children's book and I took action.

I wrote the book on a Friday, Illustrated it using #Canva and adapting stock images using #Photoshop and then published it on a Sunday. Copies were selling to friends by Monday and my TikTok video reading of the intro received over 10,000 views.

The story inspires with a message of believing in oneself, adapting in life and achieving your dreams. It is a great gift for the young dreamers in your life!

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